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Dr Maike Foraita

Maike completed her thesis titled “Developing and Evaluating a Volunteer-based Model of Conservation Detection Dog Training and Deployment” in 2023.

Maike joined the ARG in February 2019 as an international PhD student from Germany.

Dr Nicholas Rutter

Nick completed his thesis titled “Developing and Evaluating a Volunteer-based Model of Conservation Detection Dog Training and Deployment” in 2022.

He works as a Wildlife Detection Dog Officer at Zoos Victoria, training and deploying detection dogs to find evidence of Victoria’s most threatened species.

Dr Jimmy Mai

Jimmy completed his thesis titled “Human Factors that Promote Successful Puppy Raising” with ARG in 2021.

Jimmy currently works as an associate lecturer in the Department of Psychology, Counselling and Therapy at La Trobe University.

Dr Jennifer Gravrok

Awarded the Nancy Millis Award for theses of exceptional merit, Jennifer completed her thesis titled “How Do Assistance Dogs Help Their Handlers to Live Their Best Possible Lives?” in 2019.

Jennifer works as a Client Services Coordinator at Can Do Canines.

Dr Sarah Byosiere

Sarah completed her thesis titled “Visual Perception in Dogs (Canis lupus familiaris): Are Dogs Susceptible to Visual Illusions?” with ARG in 2019.

She is currently the director of Canine Research and Development at Guide Dogs for the Blind.

Dr Lynna Feng

Lynna completed her thesis titled “Questioning the Clicker: Investigating Perceived and Actual Benefits of Clicker Training Companion Dogs” with ARG in 2018.

She currently works as a Canine Behaviour, Research and Educational Manager at Guide Dogs for the Blind in the USA.

Dr Kate Mornement

Kate completed her thesis with ARG in 2016, titled “Shelter dogs in Australia: public perceptions and assessment of behaviour for adoption suitability.

Kate currently consults to pet owners, local government, shelters/pounds and industry on animal behaviour, training, welfare and management.

Dr Tammie King

Tammie completed her thesis titled “Identifying ‘ideal’ companion dogs: development of the canine amicability assessment (CAA)” with ARG in 2014.

Tammie currently works as the Technical Leader (Applied Behaviour) for WALTHAM Centre for Pet Nutrition, Mars Petcare, based in the UK.


La Trobe University is a public research university based in Victoria, Australia. Established in 1964, La Trobe University now accommodates over 36,000 students and operates across regional and rural campuses.



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