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Founded in 2002, the Anthrozoology Research Group (ARG) is an Australian-based research team, which includes post-doctoral researchers and students interested in studying the relationship between humans and other non-human animals. The Anthrozoology Research Group is led by Professor Pauleen Bennett. The background of ARG members is diverse, ranging from psychology and social science, to animal behaviour, biological science, zoology, and veterinary science. We are all animal lovers, with members representing a number of countries, age ranges, and lifestyle choices.

Anthrozoology is the study of human (anthro) and animal (zoo) relationships. Although such study can include wildlife, zoo animals, and farmed animals, our members focus primarily on companion animals. Australia has one of the highest rates of companion animal ownership in the world. Nearly two-thirds of us live with one or more companion animals, and for many of us, these relationships are extremely important. When interspecies relationships work, they can provide terrific health and wellbeing benefits for both humans and animals. But when they fail, humans and animals alike can suffer. The Anthrozoology Research Group uses a multidisciplinary approach to learn more about what makes our relationships with companion animals succeed—we then use our findings to make life better for everyone, whether two-legged or more.


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